Increase Your Exposure to All of Your Offers & Dramatically Boost Sales by Following Your Visitors All Over The Web.

Reshare allows you to add a retargeting pixel to
ANY of your tracking links whether you own the website it points to or not!

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What the hell is this “one little thing” about?

You’d think this is some closely guarded Nazi-like secret:

No it isn’t. It’s right under your nose. And you most probably would have thought about it at some point. Now, it’s pretty clear that most people only buy a product or sign up for a service after they’ve seen the ad many times.

It’s common-sense psychology.

And here’s why, you’ve not been making as much sales as you should? Because, you’re only getting paid for the fraction of people who take immediate action.

Between the both of us, you know that’s not much. If anyone with decent industry knowledge were to put a number on the immediate action-takers, it would be 10% at best. Usually, it’s much less.

Now, why is that? Why do you have to make do with less than 10% of your hard-sought traffic?

Well it’s because the 90% who do not take immediate action leave your page, thinking they’ll come back sometime later... Do they come back? Hell no!

With all these said, the plan is simple: You Need To Get These Hot Leads Back To Your Money Page…And More Importantly Do So With Your Affiliate Link!

That’s how I do it!

Simple right?

You bet.

Just so we are on the same page, here’s exactly what I do. I bring back all my hottest leads that didn’t take immediate action back to WHATEVER I wanted to promote, with my affiliate cookie intact.

Which means, I subtly but practically make sure they return for as many times as is needed until they take that conversion action with juicy commission at the end of the toe line for me.

That’s exactly how I make more sales than you do, without having a massive list and without having a large budget.

How A Typical Ad Campaign Works

How A Typical Ad Campaign with Retargeting Works

The fancy word for this is Retargeting, and it is all that is between you and more conversions. Retargeting is not a new concept in affiliate marketing, not by a long shot! In fact, I bet my hat you have been caught up in its web in the past. Think back! Have you ever visited a website, only for you to start seeing their ads coming at you at every other website you visit?

That’s retargeting in its purest form.

The potential of retargeting speeds past 1000% ROI. Take a minute, and think about how much influence this conversion optimization strategy can have on your business…

If Retargeting Is So Great, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It? The issue is that until now, it used to be complex and required high-level access.

First off, retargeting requires adept technical skill on how to add a pixel manually to the site you were sending traffic to as well as getting the pixel in the right place. If you’d got that figured out, you had to then worry about getting access to the backend of the site you were sending traffic to.

Now, how often can you get that high-level access for affiliate promotions?

The hard truth is NEVER!

And that you see, is why retargeting may be very effective, but still out of reach for the average affiliate marketer. So, here it is. Retargeting—your passport to getting higher and better traffic conversions.

But it has always been like the stars. Beautiful, but difficult to reach. We think it isn’t fair. Which is exactly why we set out to engineer a seamless solution that lets you take full advantage of the concept of retargeting. That lets you place a leash on and pull back your HOTTEST leads for any campaign, for any promotion, for any video, for any offer…

That is simple to use in an as-it-is CLICK, COPY, PASTE fashion.

That does not require you to lift a finger on
ANYTHING that has to do with your promotions.
No Changes, Just An Add-In!

We call our solution Reshare, and what it offers YOU is the power of retargeting for your business.

All that is needed is to first sign up for free with any of the traditional retargeting services like Perfect Audience and AdRoll; or simply use Facebook.

After which you copy and paste the details they give you into Reshare.
And like clockwork, your ads will begin to follow your hottest leads wherever they go on the web.

Your ads, like the Minions in Despicable Me, will continually bring back your HOTTEST leads to any CPA offer you run, to any ecommerce affiliate store you promote, to any video you promote; irrespective of if you own the site or not…while you are sipping on your morning coffee in your pajamas.

Retargeting For Amazon Products

Your prospect now will see the Amazon product via your retargeting Facebook Ads

Your ads will be everywhere including the websites that your prospects always go to! The Amazon product will be ringing in your prospects head and give them a big input in their decision! Finally they will buy your product or Amazon affiliate offer !

Retargeting For Youtube Video

Your ads will be everywhere including the websites that your prospects always go to! The video will be ringing in your prospects head and give them a big input in their decision!

Retargeting For Clickbank Offers

Your prospect now will see your affiliate offer via your retargeting Facebook Ads

Your ads will be everywhere including the websites that your prospects always go to! Your affiliate offer will be ringing in your prospects head and give them a big input in their decision! Finally they will buy your affiliate offer !

The potential of retargeting speeds past 1000% ROI. Take a minute, and think about how much influence this conversion optimization strategy can have on your business…

The 6 Easy Steps To Make Your Ads For
ANY Promotion Massively Convert!

1. Indicate the page you want to retarget: it can be absolutely anything.

2. Input your tracking pixel code: Can be sourced from Perfect Audience, AdRoll or Facebook.

Formerly, you would have to figure out where to put this on your page, but with Reshare, you just paste it in the box provided.

3. Pick a cloaking domain from the drop-down list: You have the freedom to choose whichever domain best suits your promotion. You can also add your own custom domain.

4. Hit Save.

5. Reshare takes out all the complexity and hands you a finished solution that gives you the one thing you desire – MORE SALES… and nothing more.

6. Reshare provides you a tracking system so you can track your clicks using a beautiful chart.

That’s all there is to it. No complicated coding, debugging, pixel reorientation, code and pixel optimization; and all the fancy terms and stuff that’d give you more migraines than sales.

Reshare Features:

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up a Reshare campaign, and a few days to see the results start trickling in.

So, soon enough you’ll know if our custom solution works for you. Nonetheless, we want to be sure you have the time to explore the length and breadth of the app thoroughly.

Which is why, we offer you 30 DAYS to try out EVERYTHING.

Resocially Main Software

In simpler terms: Set up some campaigns. Watch your ads CTR go berserk. Make a lot of sales. Then, if at any point and for any reason you are not satisfied within the 30-day period, you get your money back in full. Not a cent is held back.

What’s more is that, you will have all the features of our custom solution at your disposal during the trial period.

That is, you will be able to create unlimited campaigns. You will also receive a lot more exposure on ALL your campaigns.

That is an all-inclusive no-questions-asked 30-day full amount guarantee for the Reshare web app, the Developer license, the proven multi-million dollar ads and the training course.

But, hold it just one minute… there is a time limit to this offer. This offer lasts for only a few days. Once this offer expires, you will have to invest the full $197.

So, don’t wait a second more, hit the button below right now for instant access.

You need to ask yourself…

Are you tired of seeing your promotions not convert as well as you had hoped? Are you really going to sit back, as YOUR commissions are poached by affiliates with deeper pockets and more expertise?

No, of course not.

What you want is for your promotions to blow the lid off your expectations. For your commissions to stack up in your PayPal account. For your wife’s eyes to glimmer in awe when you show her proof of how much you made from promoting a single CPA offer or a single video.

And Reshare is the Swiss army knife you need. What it can do is not a myth, what it can do is as real as the letters you’re reading.

Take advantage of technology that has NEVER been on the table for affiliate marketers before… and watch your campaigns explode like fireworks.

Clicking the button below is your ticket for instant access. Click the button, we’ll setup your account right away, and within minutes you’ll have complete access to create your first campaign… and as many other campaigns as you want for as long as you want.

Add To Cart - $67

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